Executive & Editorial

Douglas ("Las") Wengell Douglas "Las" Wengell is a business executive, entrepreneur, author, editor and publisher. Emory, MBA; Rutgers, BA, Rhetoric & Philosophy. Graduate coursework in clinical psychology.


Stephen Cooper attended Cal State Northridge and quickly became caught up in the dot com euphoria and the frenzy that followed. That was when he watched his million dollar stock option certificates become less valuable than the paper they were printed on. Back in the real world, he then gained a whole lot of experience with a variety of small but sparkling companies devoted to web-based consulting and marketing in the San Francisco Bay area, and later in Atlanta, where he now resides with his spouse and two young kids. Stephen has become something of an expert on the ins and outs of Internet branding, search engine optimization, and selling quality merchandise through ecommerce channels. He recently joined our growing team, where he is responsible for the marketing of new releases. Although we keep offering him attractive stock options, he insists on being paid real money.

Art Direction

Patrick Reynolds is a busy man. So busy, in fact, we can rarely find him when we need him. But when we do get him to sit still for more than 10 minutes, he takes care of all of our various website-design and server-geek needs. Rumor has it he can also fix the office printer, but he denies it. Born and raised in Los Angeles and a proud USC graduate, he is an expert in all things internet. If you have a technical issue with the website or think that the Hunter Press could really use some fancy RSS something-or-other, point your keyboard in his direction.


Carole ("C.C.") Chang runs our office and knows where everything is. In addition to this crucial talent, she is experienced in clerical and bookkeeping matters, can prepare all those mysterious files the government seems to need, and handles people better than anyone we know. Which is why you should email her if all else fails.